Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dusting this thing off!!!


So much has happened in the last 3+ years. I guess if you and I are Facebook friends you kinda already know. There's really no way to adequately back track here and "recap" so I'm not going to. In fact.... I'd like to admit something. 
SAY IT OUT LOUD for myself even if not one person ends up reading this. 
A lot of why I haven't posted here..... I finally realized.... was because I believed the lies rolling around in my head. 
"Nobody cares" ..... "Nobody reads this" ..... "Your artsy stuff isn't THAT cute" and the BIGGEST LIE.... "You don't have time for that" LOL I laugh at the last one because we ALWAYS have time for what we deem important. That's been a big excuse to justify staying away. 
Something I read today changed EVERYTHING though. I promise you this is worth the few minutes of your time. There's SO MANY GEMS that every woman, mama, PERSON needs to hear!!!! 

I had many light bulb moments while reading it but one thing I took away is that I am 46 years old and I have many talents and my beautiful, amazing family LOVES ME.  I love to share my life and my creativity with them ANY WAY I CAN. WITH NO FEAR OF JUDGEMENT OR CRITICISM FROM RANDOM PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. That sounds soooooo silly typing that out but there really was a time when I worried about what I posted here.
And I'm going to start having fun with it like it is. Whether that's sharing some fun Valentine's I made for Chloe's class or sharing my favorite Podcast for that week..... WHATEVER and WHENEVER... not worrying about Trends, or staying relevant, or having the best photography or being Pinterest Worthy!!!!! THAT KIND OF STUFF..... is exactly what I don't have time for. 

I have decided also this year that I am going to focus on extending myself and others MORE GRACE. 
If there's one thing I've learned from the past... I am sooooo much harder on myself than anyone else is and if God can forgive me for all the ways I fall short then I most certainly need to be better at forgiving MYSELF.
Why is this so hard?
So in an effort to remind myself daily I actually painted this canvas to keep in my room. I love the reminder to give love and GRACE to all who need it and most importantly MYSELF.

Okay..... I don't want this post to be 10 miles long. I'm cutting it short but I will be back soon but if there's anyone out there actually reading this.... PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!! I'm kicking the soda habit again for the 1,279th time in my life but this time after seeing the doctor on Wednesday it feels like a life or eventual death thing. And even though I LOVE ME SOME DR PEPPER... nothing is worth cutting my life on earth short with my family. <3

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Birthday Monkey Invites

Hi there! So happy you found your way to my blog! I share creative things here of all kinds and mediums. I like to call myself a Lifestyle Crafter. I lead a super busy life with a large family and I run my own business in my home as well so carving out SPECIFIC time during the days and weeks isn't always something that takes priority. BUT... the need to design and create and use my hands to express my love of color and art is something I NEED to make time for or it bottles up inside meand that's not good. 
SOOOO.... when every day life happens I tend to use times like these to CREATE and then my heart is happy and my soul is creatively nourished!  It may sound silly to some but this is part of who I am. My sweet Chloe Bug is celebrating her 7th Birthday TODAY!!!!  We have much planned over the next 3 days but one thing she is SUPER EXCITED about is a trip to the Phoenix Zoo with a few of her favorite friends! Since it didn't require sending out A LOT of invitations I decided to make the three of them super special and handmade from the heart!  
Before I show you the invites.... 
here's a fun photo of my Birthday Girl! 

She's our darling caboose and making birthdays fun for her is something I look forward to!  When she decided she wanted to visit the ZOO for her birthday and I asked her what animal she wanted on her invites she immediately said... "Monkey!!!" The monkeys are her favorite exhibit! So it was only fitting. I started first by finding a free monkey png file online then added the leaves and wording to it using (ha ha that's funny!) But seriously I love PicMonkey for editing my photos and creating fun graphics. Once I designed what I wanted I saved it and printed them thru Walgreen's one hour photo as 5x7 prints. Here's the base design I saved for future use. I keep them saved to share or make invites again for someone else. 
You're welcome to save this and use it too!  

Here's the final after I added the wording and then matted it on white cardstock. Also a little machine stitched sewing around the edges for a handmade touch.  

We found some generic wooden Monkeys at Hobby Lobby that I just added the bows and heart to then tied them on to the front of these large polka dot envelopes I made. Personal touches make things fun and sweet!  These little ones are only small for a short time so I try and add a little sparkle to their lives when I can! That's it for today!  Thanks for stopping by!  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

MFT Sketch 302

Yay! I got a little time to create this morning! I've been itching to play with the little cactus in the Llama Love Clear Stamp set by My Favorite Things.  Of course being a native of Arizona I had to have this set and decided the saguaro needed a Santa Hat. 
Anyway.... this was a fairly quick and easy card to put together but this week's sketch from MFT is one that can have limitless possibilities!  Thanks for stopping by! 
Season's Greetings from Arizona! 

MFT Products used on this card:

Friday, October 7, 2016

Donut Thank You tags with Free Printable

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! 
I thought I would share something fun I made for all our teachers at our monthly Enrichment activity at church!  I took a photo with some yummy donuts bagged up so you could see how fun and simple this little thank you gift was!  They were a hit! And these could be used for anything really!
Here's a link to download the PDF I created....

Have a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Halloween Black Snake Wreath

So super excited about this wreath! I found it online from a friend or through pinterest... I honestly can't remember. But there's lots of versions of these when you search on Pinterest. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween over here and I especially love fun holiday wreaths for our front door! This was too easy and unique and creepy to pass up making! Between the Dollar store, Michael's and Walmart for the wreath, spray paint and plastic snakes.... this was a REALLY FUN and inexpensive project at around $15 total!  I used E6000 glue to adhere the snakes because hot glue and me don't get along. I also want it to last more than a few years!!! Anyway.... all I did was randomly glue on a ton of snakes then covered the entire thing in several coats of matte black spray paint!  EASY PEASY!!!! 
If y'all have any questions just post them in the comments and I will do the best I can!  Excited to hear how you like it!  
Happy Halloween! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Merry & Bright

Super excited to share my second card I am throwing in the proverbial ring!!! My Favorite Things is hosting a card contest that you can check out here.  It is really bringing out some amazing and talented designers!  The deadline is tomorrow so I'm sure there will be even more cards shared over the next 24 hours and I can't wait to go through 
all the entries again myself!  
There are many different things that will be considered as they choose their TOP 10 favorite Superstar cards.  Since I am not super great yet at the Copic coloring I thought I would take a "fresh" approach with "clever uses" of their products! 
When I saw this Fringe die that MFT recently released I had all kinds of ideas running through my brain about what it could be used for. The other day as it was sitting on my table next to a set of Christmas stamps I immediately thought of a Christmas Tree!!! 
So here it is... My Mini FRINGE DIE Christmas tree. 
I didn't want to add too much to this because I felt the tree needed to shine so I added just a dusting of iridescent glitter against the white chevron die background along with a 
BOLD Christmas greeting. 
There's a lot of dimension and texture on this which adds a ton of interest!  Even if it doesn't make the cuts I am SO SUPER HAPPY with how it turned out and look forward to gifting it this Holiday Season.  Thanks so much for stopping by! 

 MFT Products used:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nuts About You

I can't even tell you how excited I am about this card. This is my first official "Copic-colored" image as I have finally jumped head first into them thanks to a special friend of mine who so graciously donated some of her collection to help me get started on mine!  When I saw the colors I had to work with and these fun stamps I had in my collection from My Favorite Things... I knew I was doing a fall themed card. This is my first of hopefully three cards I am creating for their current Super Star Card Contest  There are sooooo many amazing entries and so much talent I can't help but be inspired to play along and throw my hat in the ring!  
Thanks for stopping by my blog! 
Have a fabulous day! 

MFT Supplies used: 
Cute Critters Clear Stamps (discontinued)