Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hogs and Kisses Bag Topper & Viva Las Vegas

So excited to share this fun little candy bag topper I made for Body to give his class mates next week!  He is loving them and also excited about signing them and handing them out to his teacher and friends! 
I've included the image below so you can just copy and paste it into a Word doc then size it however large or small you need it to be for your bags.  Then make sure to have your little person sign them before stapling them on. 
Be sure to trim them out by cutting just inside the gray line on the image.  Then, using an Xacto... carefully cut along the edge of the top of the piggy from one side of the hoof to the other.  Leaving a tiny white border like pictured.  Then it will pop up, fold down and be perfect for stapling to the tops of your candy bags.  Easy peasy! 
Here's the back so you can see that too!  Let me know how you like them or if you plan to use them!  I love them!  They are kinda fun!
Now off to get ready for my fabulous trip to
Las Vegas this weekend!!!
Not sure how many of you know this yet...
But I became a Promoter for a company called Le-Vel at the very end of October.  I've fallen in love with their THRIVE products and how much they are helping people. I've personally NEVER felt better and the ways this new position has impacted my life and my family brings me to tears quite frankly! 
Since I've started telling people about Thrive I have earned a new iPad mini, earned the company's $800/month luxury car bonus, earned a BIG Jawbone Jambox, earned over $1,000 of free product, earned this trip for two to Las Vegas AND earned thousands in cash already too!  I am not saying this to brag.... I PROMISE!  Just sharing what blessings this company has provided me and can YOU TOO!!!  If you or anyone you know is battling chronic pain issues, depression, anxiety, weightloss issues, mental clarity, lack of energy... and the list goes on.. then PLEASE get in touch with me! or message me on Facebook.  I am happy to send you a FREE 3-day sample of THRIVE.  Best thing I've ever taken or done!  PERIOD!!!  Have a great weekend y'all!! 
 Won't go a DAY without my THRIVE!!

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