Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Card Kit Peeks and Angry Bird Party

Here are the peeks for the April card kits. 
I absolutely love creating cards in April because I can prepare for Mother's Day and get away with lots of girly cards.  Hee hee...
I should have about 4-5 extra kits this month so if you'd like one please email me at

I can't believe I let April 2nd slip by without doing a birthday post for my big Brody Boy.  He turned 4yrs old and my head is seriously spinning at how fast he's growing every day!  I will share some photos I took of him really soon.  But until then I will show you the fun things I created for his Angry Bird themed party.  He was SOOOOO excited!!!  The kid is completely obsessed with anything Angry Bird.  

I was inspired to create a "Pig Bowling" game after seeing something similar on Pinterest.  So I painted some cans like the pigs and also painted an Angry Bird face on a red bouncy ball. 
Another thing we did was go on an egg hunt.  Since eggs are a vital part of Angry Birds we filled some plastic eggs with toys and candy then hid them everywhere for the kids to find.  I added faces to the red treat bags you can see in this photo so the kids had something to hold their eggs in.  It also served as the "Goodie Bags" so the kids went home with something fun. 
Another game I had prepared to play and created a stack of noses for was this "Pin the nose on the Pig" game.  But the kids had so much fun that we totally spaced even getting this out.  LOL

The last thing I want to share that I also ran across on Pinterest is this AWESOME CUTE FANTASTIC free Angry Bird kit.  Very, very kind of Sherry to share her talents with the world.  It was perfect for decorating.  The banner turned out amazing and Brody was sooooo impressed with Momma.  LOL  Anyhooo...  Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. great party theme. I love angry birds too

  2. You impress me each and every time. And the filling the eggs idea was genius. As the guy on the Food network says "you are a sweet genius".