Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIGI Challenge winner!

I'm totally stoked!  This digital layout I created was a Challenge winner on Club HM today! 
 I haven't shared this news with my friends and family yet but I am finally "officially" a Heritage Makers Independent Consultant. Here's the link to my digital blog.... I am never going to totally give up my paper scrapping but I am really excited about this business so I hope some of you will be too!!! It's been really hard the last 6 months for Shane and I financially.... even harder than it has been.... LOL  just like most people these days. So I'm going to work my tushy off at something I'm passionate about so I can hopefully avoid having to work away from my home and children.  Here's to success! 

Have you ever tried digital scrapbooking? Or had an interest in it? I was totally initimidated by it at first because I thought I would have to know photoshop to create digi-layouts. But using the Studio through Heritage Makers is soooooo easy and fun! NO PHOTOSHOP required! It's like they've taken all the things you would need to use to scrapbook and created a program just for us! I've created cards, mini books, canvases, and layouts. And that's the program I've even been using to create blog banners too! The creative options are endless!

Anyway..... check it out. And let me know if you have any questions! 
Here's some other layouts I've created recently.  If you sign up for Club HM through me you will have instant access to ALL the layout and card templates I create.  You just drop in your own photos and change your journaling!  Easy Peasy!  Thanks for stopping by! ♥


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  1. Congrats on being a challenge winner! and congrats on your consultantship! The layouts that you have made are Fab! Good Luck and thanks for sharing!!! -Amanda