Friday, August 12, 2011

August Card Kit Peeks

Here they are..... finally.... in all their glory!  Sorry that August is already half over but this back-to-school stuff and soccer and volleyball in full swing is keeping Momma away from her scrappy table these days!  Plus, I've been working on some other artsy fartsy things here locally in my town.  More to come on that!   Anyhoooo....  I am excited about this kit!!!!  I have a "special" shaped card in it that's of the holiday variety.  Hee hee!  Can't start too early on Christmas right? 

Oh..... and I do have ONE July kit left (which is AWESOME btw..) that I haven't been able to collect payment on.  The first one to email me at can purchase it.  I got a lot of sweet messages about last month's kits and that makes me happy!   Off to email the PayPal requests.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Oh!!!!! And I should leave you with a photo collage I did of my girls on their first day of school this week.  I seriously can't believe how much they change from year to year.  *sigh*



  1. Oh Shanna what a wonderful photo - such gorgeous girls! :)

  2. wow. you're girls are growing up!!

  3. Hey Shanna! Your girls are beautiful! How quickly they grow up, huh?