Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspiration Everywhere....

I wanted to share a digital card I made with a sweet friend in mind.  She's in surgery TODAY facing Breast Cancer HEAD ON.  She's a champ, a trooper, a hero..... an INSPIRATION to me and lots of other people.  I wish she didn't live so far away so I could see her and hug her in person
and tell her I ♥ her. 

Here's the digi-card.  It's a 5 x 5" size that I am having printed/published through Heritage Makers where I designed it.  I can have it shipped directly to my sweet friend!  Yay! 

And this is the T-Shirt I ran across online that inspired my card!!  SUPER easy digi-lift!!!  Love how it turned out!  Like I said..... all kinds of inspiration everywhere.  But these days I'm mostly inspired by AJ.  She's a fighter! :)  Have a great week!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I know I have talked about my love of Pinterest before.... okay fine..... OBSESSION???  LOL  But if you knew the insane amounts of inspiration you could "Pin" over there..... you'd completely understand why I'm hooked!  Anytime my mojo goes missing or I'm needing inspired I just browse through my boards and WOW!!!! I literally get the urge to jump off my duff and get creating something!  This is how I felt about this piece!  I just love Stephanie Ackerman.  She's got talent ooozing from every pore.  Someone pinned this of hers and that's how I ran across it. 

I have been creating quite a few canvases lately and this one just spoke to me so I gave it a whirl!  I pretty much tried to recreate the whole thing but my background had to be different since I was creating a 16x20 canvas.  Here's my version.  I love Pinterest. It's a time-suck if you let it be.  But I actually only visit there about 10 mins a day and still find things I will use at some point as inspiration for projects!  Love it!   Okay... off to create some more!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIGI Challenge winner!

I'm totally stoked!  This digital layout I created was a Challenge winner on Club HM today! 
 I haven't shared this news with my friends and family yet but I am finally "officially" a Heritage Makers Independent Consultant. Here's the link to my digital blog.... http://digiartmadewithheart.blogspot.com/ I am never going to totally give up my paper scrapping but I am really excited about this business so I hope some of you will be too!!! It's been really hard the last 6 months for Shane and I financially.... even harder than it has been.... LOL  just like most people these days. So I'm going to work my tushy off at something I'm passionate about so I can hopefully avoid having to work away from my home and children.  Here's to success! 

Have you ever tried digital scrapbooking? Or had an interest in it? I was totally initimidated by it at first because I thought I would have to know photoshop to create digi-layouts. But using the Studio through Heritage Makers is soooooo easy and fun! NO PHOTOSHOP required! It's like they've taken all the things you would need to use to scrapbook and created a program just for us! I've created cards, mini books, canvases, and layouts. And that's the program I've even been using to create blog banners too! The creative options are endless!

Anyway..... check it out. And let me know if you have any questions! 
Here's some other layouts I've created recently.  If you sign up for Club HM through me you will have instant access to ALL the layout and card templates I create.  You just drop in your own photos and change your journaling!  Easy Peasy!  Thanks for stopping by! ♥


Friday, August 12, 2011

August Card Kit Peeks

Here they are..... finally.... in all their glory!  Sorry that August is already half over but this back-to-school stuff and soccer and volleyball in full swing is keeping Momma away from her scrappy table these days!  Plus, I've been working on some other artsy fartsy things here locally in my town.  More to come on that!   Anyhoooo....  I am excited about this kit!!!!  I have a "special" shaped card in it that's of the holiday variety.  Hee hee!  Can't start too early on Christmas right? 

Oh..... and I do have ONE July kit left (which is AWESOME btw..) that I haven't been able to collect payment on.  The first one to email me at shannavineyard@comcast.net can purchase it.  I got a lot of sweet messages about last month's kits and that makes me happy!   Off to email the PayPal requests.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Oh!!!!! And I should leave you with a photo collage I did of my girls on their first day of school this week.  I seriously can't believe how much they change from year to year.  *sigh*


Friday, August 5, 2011

Clocks and Canvases

Are your kiddos starting back to school next week?  Mine are.  On Tuesday.  What the heck right?  Where did this summer go?  I remember not too many years back when it seemed like they just lasted forever.  Not so much anymore.  I feel like I didn't really spend a lot of time with them between trips with their Dad and their soccer camps and tournaments... the summer whizzed by!  They are excited but feeling the same as I am.  School starts EARLY this year.  HA! 

Anyhooooo...  I feel like I haven't shared much scrappy/crafty stuff lately.  I've spent a lot of the last few months working on special projects that couldn't be shared online.  So I am excited that I made a few things I CAN share. 

Spellbinders really out-did themselves with the latest new products release.  I'm seriously in LOVE with just about EVERY single thing they revealed at CHA last month.  One of my favorites wasn't actually one of my favorites until I started playing with the die templates.  Sometimes it's hard to see the limitless potential right away.  That's why it's always good to look around online and see how other paper crafters have used them..... to get instantly inspired and then of course find out that you "HAVE to HAVE it" right???  LOL

Here's the S5-074 Retro Mod Clocks set.  I was a little intimidated at first with these.  But once I started just die cutting paper with them my mind went crazy excited at the possibilities!  I have been drawn to purple for a while now and loved the idea of using it in contrast with the browns on this.  The Clock face was die cut from Spellbinders Premium Craft Foils - Delicate Pastels then adhered using pop dots for dimension.  I've been creating my own word art for my projects lately too so I've shared that below for you to use if you'd like.  If you have any questions about this card or what I did..... please don't hesitate to leave a comment and ask!  Chances are.... someone else is probably curious too and I will post and help if I can. 

Okay..... that's pretty much it for this post but I want to share the latest canvas I made before I head for bed.  I'm getting up SUPER EARLY to do a yard sale tomorrow.  Too much junk around here and it's time to purge!  LOL  I've been loving the combination of paints and my scrapbooking supplies on a canvas!  It feels like a true piece of art when I'm done with it.  I love this 12x12 size too.  Didn't take much time at all to create.  I wanted to create my little sailboat I designed previously for a card I made.  I posted that below so you could see how my card inspired my canvas.  With a different quote on it.... That I neeeeeed to apply in my life a little more!  LOL  I also posted the pattern I drew for the sailboat.  So you can give it a whirl if ya like! 

Have a great weekend!  ~Shanna ♥

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Checking in.....

Hi and hello!

Just popping by to say a quick hello.  Life has me spinning as usual.  The girls start back to school NEXT week on the 9th.  So you can imagine how crazy things are around here.  I'm still trying to figure out where the summer went!  It seems so wrong for them to already be heading back to school. 

Here's a little somethng fun.  CLICK HERE to go to the Bo Bunny blog.  It was my day in the spotlight yesterday.  I created a few new things like this altered coupon organizer and shared a few of my favorite oldies!  Leave a comment on my post over there for your chance to win some new Sweet Tooth goodies!  YAY!

Okay!  Right back at it!  Hope everyone is doing well!

Shanna ♥