Monday, May 27, 2013

My Holiday wall/display

I posted this on Facebook earlier today and have had a few friends asking if they can pin it on Pinterest so I thought I would post this photo real quick.  I will come back and update this post with more photos and details.... promise!  Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed Memorial Day honoring those who have and currently serve our country.... put themselves in harms way to defend our freedoms.  Hugs! 

Hey all!  I'm back to provide a few more details about this little display.  I have this wall between the windows in the back of my house and the arcadia/patio door that needed something fun.  It used to look like this: 
Pretty sad huh?  That table is one that Shane picked up from work.  They were going to throw it out but he saved it for me.  It's an old school changing table and had a small pad in the top of it.  I went nuts on it with some black spray paint and turned it into something I was happy about using in my home.  Spray paint can work miracles I say!!! HA! 
The next thing I did was got that amazing photo of my girls enlarged to a 16x20 and found a super cheap frame at Hobby Lobby to put it in. I painted it red and sanded it down first to age it's look a little.  Easy peasy! But this photo is by far my favorite part about this new display.
The other fun things I picked up at different places.  Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Michael's, and this really cute shop out in Orange, California.  The other favorite piece I have is the Declaration of Independence that I printed off the internet and framed.  Super easy and fun way to add to a patriotic display. 


  1. So cute. I only dream of having such awesome ideas, not to mention the energy to put them together. Awesome!!

  2. Your display looks terrific.