Sunday, August 28, 2011


I know I have talked about my love of Pinterest before.... okay fine..... OBSESSION???  LOL  But if you knew the insane amounts of inspiration you could "Pin" over there..... you'd completely understand why I'm hooked!  Anytime my mojo goes missing or I'm needing inspired I just browse through my boards and WOW!!!! I literally get the urge to jump off my duff and get creating something!  This is how I felt about this piece!  I just love Stephanie Ackerman.  She's got talent ooozing from every pore.  Someone pinned this of hers and that's how I ran across it. 

I have been creating quite a few canvases lately and this one just spoke to me so I gave it a whirl!  I pretty much tried to recreate the whole thing but my background had to be different since I was creating a 16x20 canvas.  Here's my version.  I love Pinterest. It's a time-suck if you let it be.  But I actually only visit there about 10 mins a day and still find things I will use at some point as inspiration for projects!  Love it!   Okay... off to create some more!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I like checking out her blog. Has a very different stlye. But I always come back to you, cause you give instructions and love your card kits. Would consider doing some layout kits for me????? I even have so much product I could send ya some and see what ya come up with. Think on it.

  2. Love the scene you have created and the verse being on the house, very cool!