Thursday, July 21, 2011

My first attempt at Canvas Art

So I've been uber-inspired by all the mixed media canvas "She-Art" that's been popping up in the bloggy, scrappy world lately.  I'm assuming it's been the talented Christy Tomlinson's online She Art class that's been the fuel behind the creative fire!  I've tried all kinds of surfaces for creating but had never painted directly onto a canvas before.  This strikes me as strange given the love of paint I have always had.  But I've always found myself painting on wood.  So excited about this new medium and all the fun possibilities!  This canvas is 16 x 20.  Ya'll know how much I love bright colors and polka dots!  Wouldn't be mine without some!  Anyhoo.....  What do ya think?  Is she fun or what? 


  1. Really cute! You are uber talented!

  2. Shanna, it is truly lovely - I think you should do a video tutorial! :-)

  3. Oh... so pretty! You are so talented Shanna. Love the colors! Great job!