Saturday, June 4, 2011

Operation Ribbons and Flowers Winner!!!

Hey there everyone!  I meant to post the lucky winner for this drawing before now but I was still actually receiving donations until late last week so you can imagine how grateful and excited I've been!  I cannot thank you all enough!  The girls had more than they needed for their projects thanks to you!  So now they have a great stash to keep in their closet at church and use for future crafts and things.  AWESOME!!!! 
Okay...... on to the winner of the $100.00 scrappy prize drawing!

CONGRATS Renee Dezember!!!!  I will get your package in the mail this week!!!!
Thanks again and there's also a little thank you going out to everyone who donated.  Hugs!


  1. Cutest way to post a winner ever! I can't believe how big Brody is! What a total cutie pie!! :)

  2. cute blog! come check out mine when you get the chance!

  3. That picture of Brody is the cutest. Give him a huge hug and tell him Aunt Deanna misses him.