Monday, June 27, 2011

House card with Pattern

Wow!  It's been a while since I've stopped by!  I don't usually go this long before checking in but it has been extra crazy here lately.  It's that fabulous, exciting, insane part of the year in the scrapbooking industry where manufacturers are frantically trying to get everything ready and perfect for CHA.  For those of you who have NO IDEA what that is....  It stands for Craft and Hobby Association. This time of year is fun for me to be able to create projects using new and not yet revealed products to be showcased at the CHA tradeshow!  Sooooooo...... this is why I've been a little non-existent lately. 

I did manage to squeeze in some time this weekend to create this card.  I've also provided the pattern for it in case you want to give it a whirl yourself.  LOL  And if you do.... I always love to see what's created using my patterns so pretty please link back here in the comments!  Thanks bunches!

**EDITED TO ADD*..... I totally meant to link to the fence I used on this card.  It's just a wood fence I found at Hobby Lobby for cheap then cut down to the size I needed.  I sanded it a bit then inked it a little too before gluing it to my card.  Here's a link to it.  :)

Okay...... back to work for me!  Hope ya'll had a great weekend!


  1. That is adorable! Love the little key! :)

  2. LOVE it so creative! Hope you put it over in the gallery idol! :)

  3. Could this be any cuter?! Just adorable, Shanna! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just this a lot! :)


  5. very cute and that is so nice of you to share the template!