Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eeek! Scrapbooks Etc. Mag-Ad and Paper Crafts Gallery Idol Contest

I am telling you....... NO MATTER how many times you see your work in print..... this NEVER GETS OLD and NOT exciting!  At least that's how it is for me anyway.  I've been plugging away in this big, HUGE world of scrapbooking for 8+ years now and submitting to magazine calls when I can.  Never over-obsessing about it.  Trying out for various design teams here and there.  Always pretty content with where I was and what I was doing.  I've been super-blessed with a creative talent that so many other amazing women out there posess also!  It's soooo fun and exciting to have an online community of crafters and scrapbookers who "get" this fascination with paper and scissors!  I've gained some amazing online friendships because of it. The other thing that NEVER gets old is a fellow-scrapper giving you a shout-out and pat on the back telling you "Woot! Woot!" 

Sooooooo..... thanks my sweet online girlfriends!  For all the "Woot! Woots!" over the years!  You ALWAYS make me smile!  okay..... wanna see why I am extra excited today??? 
I just got my Scrapbooks Etc. magazine in the mail today and was completely blown away with this full-page Bo Bunny ad where they used this Liberty album I designed for one of their many awesome kits.  How fun right? 

Speaking of over-obsessing...... I have a confession.....  You're totally gonna laugh.  There is one thing in the scrappy world I tend to get a bit too creatively and emotionally wrapped up in. 
There.... I admit it.  It's that time of year again and the open auditions round is going on right now.
You can read more about it here.  I have made it to the TOP 5 of this competition for the last 3 consecutive years and had completely made my mind up that I was done.  No more Gallery Idol for me!  Then the crazy ladies behind the scenes over there at PC had to go and give away a Grand Prize that no paper crafter in their right mind would even THINK about not at least TRYING for!
A CRUISE.  A CRUISE. YES..... people....
THIS flippin' cruise is the prize for this year's Gallery Idol winner! 
Good grief right?  How do I NOT throw my hat in the ring one last time?  LOL  Sooooooo..... here I go.  Giving it a shot YET AGAIN.  Maybe this IS MY YEAR???
The first round's theme is Congrats and they didn't HAVE to be new or never-been-seen. 
Here's the three I've entered so far.  If I get time before the deadline I will for sure create a few more but wish me luck!  The stakes are surely high this time! HA! 


  1. Congrats that is exciting news.

  2. Wooohoo Congrats and everything is gorgeous

  3. these cards are FABULOUS--good luck!

  4. I was so excited when I saw the ad! I told my husband that I knew the person who made the album, and he thought I was crazy! But, I could tell from the sweet, handmade letters and penwork that it was yours. It is lovely!
    I am so glad that you are going to try out for PC Gallery Idol again. I have been looking forward to seeing what you create for it. Your previous work has been off the charts good, I can't wait to see what you do next! Congrats on the magazine ad and good luck on Idol. You know you have my votes!!!
    Cathy Boeche

  5. Great cards..Glad you decided to try out for the PC Gallory again.. Good Luck :)

  6. So happy for You. That looks like a really cute mini album. Congrats!

  7. Your Bo Bunny project is AMAZING and I love it and want to make one! And I think you are a perfect Gallery Idol! Go get 'em!!!! Hugs!

  8. When I looked through my magazine last week, I knew that was yours, wasn't a doubt in my mind!!! You know I LOVE IT girl!!! And I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I've got my fingers crossed this is your year!!!!! xoxo