Monday, June 27, 2011

House card with Pattern

Wow!  It's been a while since I've stopped by!  I don't usually go this long before checking in but it has been extra crazy here lately.  It's that fabulous, exciting, insane part of the year in the scrapbooking industry where manufacturers are frantically trying to get everything ready and perfect for CHA.  For those of you who have NO IDEA what that is....  It stands for Craft and Hobby Association. This time of year is fun for me to be able to create projects using new and not yet revealed products to be showcased at the CHA tradeshow!  Sooooooo...... this is why I've been a little non-existent lately. 

I did manage to squeeze in some time this weekend to create this card.  I've also provided the pattern for it in case you want to give it a whirl yourself.  LOL  And if you do.... I always love to see what's created using my patterns so pretty please link back here in the comments!  Thanks bunches!

**EDITED TO ADD*..... I totally meant to link to the fence I used on this card.  It's just a wood fence I found at Hobby Lobby for cheap then cut down to the size I needed.  I sanded it a bit then inked it a little too before gluing it to my card.  Here's a link to it.  :)

Okay...... back to work for me!  Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awesome Twine find

I just thought I would post really quick where I found some AWESOME baker's twine online! 
Visit this ETSY shop if you are in the crafty market for some. 
It's really great quality and thick and BEAUTIFUL!!!
Plus Monika shipped super quick!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eeek! Scrapbooks Etc. Mag-Ad and Paper Crafts Gallery Idol Contest

I am telling you....... NO MATTER how many times you see your work in print..... this NEVER GETS OLD and NOT exciting!  At least that's how it is for me anyway.  I've been plugging away in this big, HUGE world of scrapbooking for 8+ years now and submitting to magazine calls when I can.  Never over-obsessing about it.  Trying out for various design teams here and there.  Always pretty content with where I was and what I was doing.  I've been super-blessed with a creative talent that so many other amazing women out there posess also!  It's soooo fun and exciting to have an online community of crafters and scrapbookers who "get" this fascination with paper and scissors!  I've gained some amazing online friendships because of it. The other thing that NEVER gets old is a fellow-scrapper giving you a shout-out and pat on the back telling you "Woot! Woot!" 

Sooooooo..... thanks my sweet online girlfriends!  For all the "Woot! Woots!" over the years!  You ALWAYS make me smile!  okay..... wanna see why I am extra excited today??? 
I just got my Scrapbooks Etc. magazine in the mail today and was completely blown away with this full-page Bo Bunny ad where they used this Liberty album I designed for one of their many awesome kits.  How fun right? 

Speaking of over-obsessing...... I have a confession.....  You're totally gonna laugh.  There is one thing in the scrappy world I tend to get a bit too creatively and emotionally wrapped up in. 
There.... I admit it.  It's that time of year again and the open auditions round is going on right now.
You can read more about it here.  I have made it to the TOP 5 of this competition for the last 3 consecutive years and had completely made my mind up that I was done.  No more Gallery Idol for me!  Then the crazy ladies behind the scenes over there at PC had to go and give away a Grand Prize that no paper crafter in their right mind would even THINK about not at least TRYING for!
A CRUISE.  A CRUISE. YES..... people....
THIS flippin' cruise is the prize for this year's Gallery Idol winner! 
Good grief right?  How do I NOT throw my hat in the ring one last time?  LOL  Sooooooo..... here I go.  Giving it a shot YET AGAIN.  Maybe this IS MY YEAR???
The first round's theme is Congrats and they didn't HAVE to be new or never-been-seen. 
Here's the three I've entered so far.  If I get time before the deadline I will for sure create a few more but wish me luck!  The stakes are surely high this time! HA! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Word Art Freebies

I love making word art for random projects. They are so much fun for cards or tags for gifts... whatever really!  Sometimes I don't have the perfect rub-on or sticker and need multiples that I can just print so I'm going to start keeping them here.  Then I can share with my online scrappy friends too.  If you do end up using any of these on a project.... I would love a link back so I can see...... or at least a shout out!  It's fun to see how other people get inspired by your creations right?  Enjoy! ♥

Card Peeks for June

Finally getting these posted..... so sorry for the delay! 
Looks like this month there will be 5 extra kits up for grabs. 
 If you would like one, please email me at   
Thanks bunches!!!

Ooooohhhh!!!!  And look what I can share!  This just hit newstands in the June issue of CARDS magazine so I can share it online now.  FUN!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 13, 2011

June Card kit Peeks

Hey all!  So I went to photograph and post my cards this afternoon and this massive wind storm came through.  Good ole Mississippi weather.  Needless to say.... I didn't get to finish my photo shoot so I will post them first thing tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay. 

Here's a card I created for the My Mind's Eye June newsletter. 
Hope ya'll had a good weekend!  Hugs!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sharing some cards......

So I've been a busy little card maker the last couple days.  Trying to use up some "scraps" on my table and also created with a few of the Card Kits that I designed for Bo Bunny.  I've also been trying to round up all the cards I make that get thrown on different piles in my scrappy space so I can stock up my ETSY shop that is looking so pathetic right now.  LOL  But that's a good thing. 
That just means someone likes my stuff right?  :)  Anyhooooo..... here's a few of the cards I've made.  And at some point today some of them will go in the shop.
(sorry....... they got bought up before I could list them! More coming soon!)

OH!!!! And I just want to add that some of the cards from the kits I DID change up a bit because I wanted to make more Birthday and Father's Day themed cards.  Also.... if you love Spellbinders and you own Labels Eighteen (one of my personal faves) then you will want to save this Word Art birthday sentiment I created to fit perfectly inside this die template.  I used it on my first card here. 

Hugs! and Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wanna TRY my card kits out for SUPA-CHEAP???

So....... I was doing some organizing this weekend.  Found some extra card kits in my stash that I was never able to collect payments on.  I thought I would let ya'll know so you can have a chance to try them out at LESS THAN HALF the normal price.  

I have 2 extra February Kits and 3 extra March Kits that I am selling for $6.50 which includes the shipping.  Just shoot me an email at and let me know what you want so I can send you a PayPal request. 

I also have ONLY 1 MAY KIT left but I am selling that at normal price for $13.50 includes shipping.  First come, first served. 

THEY ARE SOLD!!!!!! SORRY!!!!!!  And thanks to those who are quick on the emails! ♥♥♥

Thanks and Hugs! ♥

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Operation Ribbons and Flowers Winner!!!

Hey there everyone!  I meant to post the lucky winner for this drawing before now but I was still actually receiving donations until late last week so you can imagine how grateful and excited I've been!  I cannot thank you all enough!  The girls had more than they needed for their projects thanks to you!  So now they have a great stash to keep in their closet at church and use for future crafts and things.  AWESOME!!!! 
Okay...... on to the winner of the $100.00 scrappy prize drawing!

CONGRATS Renee Dezember!!!!  I will get your package in the mail this week!!!!
Thanks again and there's also a little thank you going out to everyone who donated.  Hugs!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Craft It Forward Blog Hop

I'm super excited to share a fun card with you today. 
But even more exciting is the story behind it's creation.  As a design team member for Spellbinders I was invited to participate in CRAFT IT FORWARD'S first ever blog hop.  
 Craft It Forward is a movement designed to benefit local charities through craft projects. You can make a difference in your community by doing something you love – crafting!
 Spellbinders is a proud sponsor of Craft It Forward.
Join us in this fun blog hop and check out how so many of us
were inspired by the same cards. 

This is my version using Echo Park Little Boy papers.  In the Clouds and Cool Stripe.  
I also used Labels Twenty S5-026 Nestabilities Die Templates from Spellbinders.  My favorite way to accent the awesome embossed feature is by sanding the papers a bit around the shape before adhering it to my project.  And of course you can't have too many layers right?  I created some Word Art to fit perfectly in the Labels Twenty die and to match the theme for my card.  I've posted that here for you to save to your computer and maybe use on a card of your own. 
Everyone knows SOMEONE that has served or is serving in our Nation's military
that could use a happy handmade hello in the mail.

Okay.... Thanks so much for stopping by!  Now for some AMAZING inspiration...
your next stop is my friend and insanely talented KAZAN CLARK.
And if you'd like to start from the beginning because you're just tuning in....
please visit Scrapbooks Etc.  Have a great day!